pride is good

Credit Where Credit’s Due

The other day, a couple of Jehovah’s witnesses showed up at my door. I already had a technician round installing our super fast cable internet, so I assumed this was the Universe telling me, “Hey! Here’s a spanner into your day!”

Being a polite human, I greeted the two ladies and went along with their disjointed small talk. She asked me how I coped when things got stressful. Without hesitation, I replied that my music (I didn’t go into the fact that it is of the Heavy Metal variety because that was a conversation I didn’t want to have, again. I nor anyone else should feel they have to justify their love for any kind of music…over and over again) and my writing were great sources of happiness and therapy. They seemed to agree and even said she had not thought of those things before. Now that we had a supposed common ground, she dove into something about a creator. I’m afraid I stopped listening. Until she said she was going to read me some scripture. 

Woah. Stop right there.

That’s where I draw the line. I politely explained to her that I did not want to waste anymore of her time and made the point that I do not go round to her house and start reading from science journals. Then she got all passive aggressive saying she didn’t want to intimidate me. (I’m sorry, what?) 

So, to finally get to the topic the heading suggests. She stated that the house I’m living in was designed by an architect and that we rely on “smarter” people than ourselves to do these kinds of things. I had lost patience. I stated, yes, indeed it was designed and built by people. Before she could insult all the architects, builders and the technician diligently working to give the gift of internet, I bade them go on their way…somewhere else. 

But that got me thinking. If you attribute everything around you, ultimately, to God, does that leave you blind to the miracles of nature? And the creations of people? If all the answers you need are contained within one book, do you miss out on discovering and learning everyday? When I write something that I think is not so bad, I credit myself. There’s no shame or selfishness in that. If I read or hear something amazing, I credit that to the person who created it and hope they credit themselves for the work that they have done.