book review

‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins – A Review

I had no pre-conceived notions when I picked this book up. I haven’t seen the movie nor read it before. It was published after my time at high school.

Although it had overtones of that Japanese cult movie Battle Royale, I don’t think the Japanese were trying to convey messages of identity and society quite like Collins is. But I can’t say I looked too deeply into that movie! The most important point I want to make, however, is that I thought this book is far superior to the Twilight series. Primarily because Katniss has more depth of character than Bella. The way Collins weaves character into narrative is done in a more satisfactory way. That is, using personal anecdotes of Katniss’ to highlight different facets of her personality rather than resorting to other characters to give an impression of her. 

There were parts where I thought Collins was floundering to write enough words such as when the Tributes spend time in the Capitol before the Hunger Games get underway. But what do I know what it’s like to write a whole novel for a publisher?

I would personally have teenagers read this over Twilight. Katniss’ struggle to grow up in a far out setting just seems more real to me. 


‘The North Water’ by Ian McGuire – A Book Review

Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

I recently read this book after seeing it reviewed on that Book Club show on ABC. It seemed like my kind of book.

It was just as gory and gruesome as the book clubbers made it out to be. Quite disturbing at times. So I would recommend you refrain from eating or drinking a good hour before, during and possibly after reading. Apart from the disgusting imagery, what appealed to me was being reminded about the way an author can comment, quite poignantly, about current human fads and fancies. 

Forget self help books and those ‘reality’ shows, reading a good book like this can impart useful knowledge about the human condition. While making your own life seem fantastic compared to those men trapped on the whaling ship with a man who defines insanity on a whole other level. So (re)discover reading today. Ok, that was a bit lame…