Are we but a bunch of bigots that strut and fret our hour on the stage?


Myself included ie. my post entitled ‘And so on…

Have we all become that which we hate? All the writing that mocks religion, what is the purpose now? Like, right now in this point in time, what good is it doing? How is it progressing the cause? What is the cause? I don’t know anymore. I think it’s just to allow us ‘intelligent’ fellows feel superior to those still practicing religion. Of course those who are religious do not and would not look at things that mock their way of life.

Have we become like those religious types that force their opinion on others? Well, the internet is now saturated with (yes, they’re funny and hold truth in a condescending way) bible bashings. Why do we waste our time (and brain cells) tearing religion apart? For the amusement of people with the same exact mentality?

We are just pigs wallowing in our own shit while the rest of the farmyard crumbles around us.