Musings Etc. began as a vent for frustrations and absurdities I experienced working in retail of the telecommunications variety.

Having mocked and expressed upon the sorry state of mankind, I decided to channel my creative energy towards more writerly pursuits. So join me in my voyage traversing metaphysical existentialist musings to eventually spiral out into the kaleidoscope of imagination, etc.

This is my outlet; the force that keeps me writing.

I invite any thoughts or comments you have about anything! All I ask is that they are meaningful to you. Don’t fear it not having the same meaning to someone else. Beauty, Art, Music, Words. Evoke different qualities in individuals brought together because it resonates with familiarity while also celebrating unique thought.



  1. I love the fact that you have titled the blog “Musings, etc.”. Musings has been a favorite word for a long time. In a perhaps less inspired title long ago, I had a set of notes titled “Museless Musings”. Please continue sharing here your meaningful ideas, criticisms, explorations, and experiences. We need more blogs that do just that. There’s not enough musing in the world. Remember that philosophy begins with a state of wonder. 😉


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. It has been much appreciated and I hope you persist. I am also of the opinion that if your writing does not in some way reflect upon being and humanity, what’s the point? Once again, thank you!


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