At the time of writing this, I am 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant.


I feel that I have a purpose and am welcoming a new perspective on life. It feels so right. I want to give the world a part of myself; for a long time, I believed that to be through a piece of writing (hey, it still can be!) but to have the chance to give life to a new person? Perfect!

Along with my changing perspective on life, I have been quite harsh on the topics of religion and history. I believe both of these vast areas of knowledge need to be rethought. Reassessed. Religion and philosophy are forever intertwined. I look at religion the same way I would approach Plato or Sartre. 

History, as I have learnt it, is rigid and no one stops to ask whether or not they are being fed truth or lies. History should fascinate because of the open ended questions that are abound as soon as you start looking. It should be taught through discussion. Because you are free to question. Everything. 

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