“First World Problem”

OK, whoever coined this phrase first needs to get their own head out of their arse. Yes, I am guilty of having bandied that phrase around. So, shame, shame on me. Chastisement done, moving on.

This seemingly harmless and satirical phrase is part of the poison that trivialises people’s legitimate problems. If someone can’t fix a ‘petty’ problem, and instead sweeps it under the rug because that guy said it was a, “first world problem, mate”, imagine all that pettiness build up! How can you fix larger problems when you have lost the ability to identify and solve small problems.

I am starting to believe this phrase causes problems. It gives us an excuse not to deal with the small shit. And then leaves us high and dry when the shit storm hits.

So, the next time someone says that to you, take pity on the poor sod who will flounder under the weight of his neglected “first world” problems. And then flip him the bird.

Say it, Type it, Leave it. Thanks :)

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