The word ‘love’ has become so convoluted in it’s meaning that no one knows what it really means anymore. It has lost it’s meaning. It has been fucked. And needs redefinition.

There is a monopoly on love. According to mainstream society, love is portrayed as being between a man and woman, still. I am talking about romantic love, not filial or the parental kind.

How selfish is it to think that others can’t love? Can’t love the way you do? Homosexuality was first presented to us as people with loose morality. That they sleep around. And are unable to be monogomous. Remember Queer as Folk?

Once society paints you with the stigma brush, that’s it, mate, you’re done. Good luck trying to erase that image now! But you carry on. Because what those people out there think revolves around a false image perpetuated by people who have no clue.

I grew up reading Jane Austen. I admire her writing style and her wit when it came to matters of love. She taught me to be observant. And that love does not come riding up on a white horse. It hits you. It hits you like a motherfucking train. After that moment, the ride you choose to have is entirely up to you.

Even knowing this, why then are we still compelled to allow the outside to influence our own thoughts about love? It makes me sad to think that those two men are reluctant to even hold hands while the man and woman are snogging next to them. Why? People will stare. It is potentially unsafe. W T F?

I find the time we’re living in now to be interchangeable with history. Meaning our way of thinking has barely evolved past the 1920s. Why are we still thinking the way our great great grandparents thought? We exalt in the fact our technology has progressed so, but our ideas and values remain stuck in the past. It is not disrespectful to their memory if we step outside  the house that they built. Why can’t our values and ideas move forward? Because we are still paying our ancestors back for all they have done by upholding their morals and values. When did we decide to stop building on what they started? We are always at the mercy of our dead. Could explain our zombie fascination.

We restrict a good portion of the population from being able to feel and express love. Restrict them from feeling the freedom that comes with love and then, in turn, restrict their freedom of thought. In this case, we lose. They have freed themselves from the shackles on love society has placed and we can’t see that. We lose.

Shakespeare asks what’s in a name? Nothing it seems, old mate. You can call it a duck, it is spelt differently in each language. But there is no universal meaning. It will mean everything to you and or nothing.

Love is dumb. It doesn’t know anything. It doesn’t know race, gender or what’s between your legs. All it knows how to do is link people together. Give them something to hold onto if the ride gets bumpy. All it knows is that half smirk on your face as we exchanged that one look as you got on the train.

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