Beta Uprising

From what I gather, this, ‘Beta Uprising’, is in reference to a collective of misogynistic males who think the solution to their troubles with women is to kill everyone. 

Because they feel they deserve love. But they are unsuccessful because they are awkward and unable to communicate effectively with women. But they communicate effectively with each other.

Growing up, perhaps they were treated with either pity or hate. From one extreme to another. Their parents may have overcompensated for society’s lack of interest in their son by giving him anything and everything he wants, when he wants it. Or he could experience the complete opposite where he is treated with indifference by his own parents thereby reinforcing society’s view that he is worthless. Both cases can result in a man who has a superiority complex. At once, he embraces his physical and social failings while also lamenting society for ignoring him. If he wasn’t a nerd, what could he be? It’s the only community that understands him, while also encouraging violent behaviour because neither of them know how else to get over their social awkwardness in a healthy way. But no.

They misdirected their anger towards women in response to their own failings. So rather than seeking help, they find solace and a purpose when they choose to let their anger take over. And they sit and wallow in their own depravity. These men can be turned around.

As far as parenting of these males goes, I’ll attempt to answer. Perhaps they could celebrate their child’s differences. Teach him equality first. Don’t pity him, he may grow to resent that. Explain that he cannot have whatever he wants when he wants it. No one should be raised to think that.

I don’t feel sorry for them. I understand them. I’m not going to tell them to just get over it. If you are a proud ‘nerd’, show it. Flaunt it! If you don’t succeed as well in social situations, forget it and try again. Courage to be who you are in public takes a lot of strength. And there are proud nerds out there. We’ve overcome the social stigma to form a vibrant culture and community of our own. These misogynists are purposely isolating themselves. No wonder they end up bitter and jaded towards the world.

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