Fuck History

Let me extrapolate, yes?

Fuck off all those ancient ruins, artefacts and texts older than a century.

The Greeks, the Romans, the Incas; they had established civilisations of their own. But they all have one thing in common: they’re DEAD. And we’re not.

So we look back to find meaning in our current lives. Trying to find the answers to questions no one asked. It could be a symptom of our transient and wasteful lives where we recycle the past because, what, we’re too dumb to come up with something unique? ‘Unique’ in that it’s just the bastard child of different times gone by. Are we the civilisation that yearns to stay stuck in the past?

Egyptian history is a particular favourite of mine. But what do I know of it really? Because I’m no authority on the subject, I rely of historians and artists. There are romanticised views, logical ones, fanciful ones and so many stories about Egyptian life and culture. Once you start digging, in both senses of the word, only more questions emerge; leaving the answers just maddeningly out of reach. Our own society begins to pale in comparison. The scope for imagination history can provide is limitless. Proven by the current trend towards a flat earth theory. Highly creative.

But what happens when you start thinking about the burden of responsibility to live up to lofty standards, dictated by yourself, set by our ancestors? The story about the earth being borne on the back of four elephants, on top of a turtle can turn out to be an excellent metaphor. It’s heavy!

We, right now, are standing on top of the peak of history. Each day is a new peak. Stacking one on top of the other. If we spend too much time examining the rocks at our feet, we miss the view from the top.

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