And so on…

It has been about nine months and here is the conclusion I have come to. I have attempted to write one of these ‘update’ posts on my recovery from meth on a number of different occasions. But I couldn’t manage it. Until now.

Fuck everything.

Let me extrapolate.

Fuck religion? That’s a start. Here is what I think. The Buddha, get this right, was most likely a junkie. No, hear me out. Dude sat under a tree; did not eat or drink or sleep for days on end. Now, ladies and gentlemen, what human can function let alone put together logical thought. Let me tell you! After not having slept or eaten anything for three days in a row, this can result in some very interesting, yes, but completely deluded thoughts! I become a junkie. He becomes a Lord! W T F? 

And Jesus? That pussy! He was bullied a great deal by everyone…yep, everyone! Firstly by a no good, degenerate, pathetic excuse for a father, ie God. This being is worshipped? Allah? Yahweh? Whatever the fuck his name is. He is nothing more than a rapist, takes no responsibility, slacker and most of all, absent. This is the entity meant to judge us. Ha! I say he should be shamed for being the worst father in history and then forgotten. Because we have a mind to know the qualities and morals that make good people. And we don’t need such an example to show us the steep and thorny path to heaven while He treads the primrose path. 

So back to poor Jesus. He tried to get everyone to love him by constantly bending backwards to their needs. He hung on, thinking they were his friends. Naww, if he wasn’t so naive and innocent, I would be tearing shreds off him. But he’s been through enough! Everyone just took advantage of him! This is a classic case of school yard bullying, no?

So Jesus goes to his dad for advice. Big mistake, kiddo. God just tells him to take it. Don’t fight back. Don’t stand up for yourself. This is why Jesus was a fucking pussy. He listened to dad. Idiot. He took it alright. 

Did his friends care? Nope. Where are we gonna get us some of those there miracles now? Was the pervading thought. Shit. Well, best wait for the second coming then. Next Jesus might as well be a Genie. 

Next in line to go and get fucked: history. 

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