‘Citadel’ Experienced

The Ne Obliviscaris fan in repose; head bowed slightly and eyes closed. Citadel rolls in like a gathering storm. With face upturned and eyes suddenly fluttering open, he greets the darkness creeping forth from the horizon.

If you seek, you shall not find. This audible creation cannot be compared nor defined. If you allow it to take you completely, understanding will follow. Silence thought. Just be.

From beginning to end, let it gouge, caress and tear away emotion from your being. When your ears attune, drums substitute heart beat and violin entwine with conscious flow. Fabric of time is torn. History echoes through melodies that would resonate in Renaissance ears.

Attempting to dissect each unique sound will leave you lost in a myriad of loose thread. Take it as a whole and a world unravels a rich tapestry.You are invited to ride this carousel. Admittance is gained through open mind and soul.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’m just a little bit elated (to say the least!) that my words spoke to you. It’s how I prefer to “review” things instead of using the “they sound like this and that band” formula. Looking forward to sharing more in the very near future!

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