In the midst of the smart-phone epidemic, have people refunded their brains in favour of a shiny new toy? Choosing to let the machine think for them while logic and thought are lost in the ether. A select few of these smart-phone users seem to have done just that.

Case study no. 1

Young girl’s iPhone doesn’t turn on anymore. Mother brings it to be fixed and is kindly informed that the liquid indicators tucked away oh so snug in the charging port were clearly red and therefore she would have to pay for a replacement. Kicking up a fuss, as they do, she inquires as to how this happened. Well, madam, a number of ways to be certain. But it would be better to interrogate your daughter as to how it happened rather than the poor retail consultant. After much arguing, the truth comes out; the true nature of the iIdiot.

“Tell me, why can’t I use my phone in the rain?”

End of case study no. 1.


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